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Frequently asked questions

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What are Hot Tamales ?
Hot Tamales are Unique to the Mississippi Delta Area . Down South Cuisine . From Greenville Mississippi all the way up to Memphis, TN . This cusine came to the Miss Delta around 1928 thanks to Mexican Immigrants who came to work the cotton Fields In the early part of the century.
What is the difference between Between Tamales and Hot Tamales ?
Hot Tamales wrapped in parchment paper and wrapped again in foil for cooking purposes. Hot Tamales have a gritty texture from the use of corn meal instead of corn flour (masa) and have way more spice and flavor.
Are Hot Tamales real Hot ?
We take the seeds out of the peppers . We use authentic sauce to make this awesome dish
How do I reheat them
Hot tamales can be steamed ...baked...or boiled on the stove top Stove Top : Bring water to a boil do not remove foil. Boil for 5 min Oven or Roaster : Preheat Oven to 350 Baked for 10 min ( do not remove foil) Steam : Steam for 10 min in foil wrapper
How can I tell the difference between the tamales if I order different flavors ?
Blue : Beef Red: Pork Yellow: Shrimp and Sausage Green : Chicken The tamales have string around the tamales on the outside of the foil to distinguish the difference
Will you guys ship the tamales to a different location or as a gift?
Absolutely - Yes let us know at check out the shipping details
When will I receive my order
We ship out every Monday and Tuesday Only to ensure freshness. The package contains dry ice.
Do you off refunds
Yes! Please contact our office. Send the unused items back to us and we will issue you a refund.
What is your privacy policy?
we do not share your information. Your business with us is completely confidential.